Our monthly events are normally held on the fourth Thursday of each month. Our events start off with a ½ hour networking/social opportunity from 6-6:30 and the event time is 6:30 PM – 8 PM . We also have a door prize drawing after the presentation. However, as with anything, we do have a few exceptions.  In November, we traditionally hold our meeting a week early due to Thanksgiving.  For December, we don’t have a meeting due to the holiday season.  In June, we conduct our “end of year” event with July and August off for the summer and our SLC’s regional training requirement in Richmond.  With ASQ shifting the calendar year, you may see a shift in our “off months,” but we’ll give you notice in our “Upcoming Events” tab.

We advertise and conduct our annual scholarship competition after the New Year for graduating high school seniors within our membership area. You can contribute a tax-free donation to our section’s scholarship fund since we are a not-for-profit organization.

Did you know that ASQ Tidewater Section 1128 has its own Facebook page as well as a LinkedIn page – both called ASQ Tidewater Section 1128?  We encourage you to check both of these pages out!  These are great places to share your ideas, comments, and concerns about not only ASQ o

r the local section, but all things quality.  If you like what you see, please let us know, and be sure to “like” us on our Facebook page as well as connect to us on our LinkedIn page.

You can also, contact members of our Section Leadership Committee (SLC) directly through our links on the “Contact Us” page to find out more.


For every 5th guest you bring to a Section-sanctioned event, you will receive one free Member Meeting of your choice.  Credit will be given to the single person responsible for a guest’s attendance based on personal invitation (i.e. not an informational email).  Who is a “Guest?”  A guest is defined as a non-member, professional prospective member, and has not attended any Section event for at least 1 year (2 years for prior member).  Guest information will be tracked by the SLC based on Sign-In information.  This is a perpetual benefit and does not expire.  Nor is there any limit to the winnings.  NOTE:  “Constraining” guest appearance based on positional authority is not counted (e.g. boss to subordinate, teacher to student, etc.).

Attendance Incentive:

Awards/recognition given on an annual basis to the following attendance achievements:

Attendance will be recorded by the SLC based on Sign-In information.

NOTE:  This tracking program will also enable members to quickly receive attendance records for recertification points.

Questions?  Please contact Vance Kinsey, Section 1128 Vice Chair at