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First Mortgage @ 50%:
(Decrease by 5% for start-up or special purpose)
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(Increase by 5% for start-up or special purpose)

Pricing The Debenture

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Funding Fee @ .25%
Processing Fee @ 1.5%
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SBA Term

This is an example of an SBA 504 project. Fees and debentures may vary depending on loan size, maximum debenture limits, and fee percentages as approved by SBA. Actual fees will be set forth upon loan approval by SBA in the SBA Authorization and Loan Agreement. This does not constitute any approval or commitments on behalf of NWBDA or the SBA.

NWBDA will collect a 1% commitment fee from borrower at the time of application which will be reimbursed to borrower at closing of debenture. This fee will be fully refunded if the SBA declines the loan.