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Fellow Membership

For those who have an interest and would like more information in regards to Fellow membership a link has been created on the “Links” page. While a nomination is required, let the SLC know of your interest in this select level of membership.

Join the Section Leadership Committee

Consider becoming a member of the Section Leadership Committee (SLC).  The nominations committee is hard at work in accepting names for the 2018 team. Follow “this link” for information on each of the different SLC positions and let Ellen Diggs or Patricia Holben know of which capacity you’d like to support the team.

Bring-a-Guest & Attendance Incentive Programs

Bring-a-Guest: For every 5th guest you bring to a Section-sanctioned event, you will receive one free Member Meeting of your choice.  Credit will be given to the single person responsible for a guest’s attendance based on personal invitation (i.e. not an informational email).  Who is a “Guest?”  A guest is defined as a non-member, professional […]